Hello friend,  


 How are you doing today?



It’s my pleasure once again to send you this special message which if you act on, can significantly change your financial fortunes for good.    



I believe you know that every right thinking person wants to stay in a clean environment and many persons today do not have time to do cleaning themselves.      




This leads me to tell you that this information I am sharing with you today is a profitable business model which is already earning cool cash for a select persons and you can also join and be earning too if you take action.



Hope you know that only those who act on information ever profit from it?



Now, as with all businesses, there are things that MUST be done to enable you to succeed and let's quickly go over them.      





The first thing you need to do is to research your market.



Make a small list of potential people you will be offering your services to.  



This is ultimate. You can't and should never ignore it.



In doing this, you will get more information on the following:  




  •  Who are the people likely to pay for your service?
  • Where do they stay?
  • What is their income and lifestyle?
  • Where and how can you reach them?      


Also it’s important you find out:  



  • Who are your competitors?
  • What are they doing?
  • Who are they serving?
  • How are they promoting their business?
  • What method do they apply in seeking new and retaining old clients?  




These are very important business start up questions that will reveal a lot to you.




You MUST study the market to fish out your ideal clients!        



This is one thing many business owners fail to do and end up frustrated with a new business they just started because of inability to do first things first.          




Now after finding out more about the type of customers you want to be serving and who your competitors are, now it’s time to narrow in and take a decision on your market    


Decide on your target market.  



Who do you want to serve? 


  • Residential buildings?
  • Commercial buildings?
  • Industrial buildings?
  • Offices
  • Factories?
  • Markets?
  • Schools?
  • Places of worship?
  • Cleaning at events like birthdays, weddings, funeral        


If you don’t want to focus on broad target markets like this, you can still narrow down some more.        



Now friend, instead of just rendering general cleaning services, you can decide to specialize on:  



  •    Window cleaning
  • Furniture cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Equipments cleaning
  •  Restrooms
  •   Floor tiles
  •   Wall tiles
  •   Curtains
  •  Gardens and flowers
  • Cleaning of new buildings  



There are many options available, you just need to think and be creative, open your eyes and see opportunities around you.  



Do you know that this same Nigeria some people are complaining and shouting and can’t eat, while some don’t even have data to watch free video, some persons are making cool cash to cater to their selves and loved ones without any connection in high places, just because they saw opportunity and grab it. They refused to be lazy.    






1.     Register a business name: You can even start without it but a business name isn't difficult or expensive to register these days.

You can contact me on business name registration.   A business name gives you some level of professionalism and can engender trust especially if you want to be cleaning business places. People will see you as a serious business.    


2. Get the necessary equipment and cleaning items: The aspect of cleaning you choose to focus on will determine the type of equipment and items you will need.    


What you'll need to clean a residential building is different from what you'll need for an industrial space.


What you'll need for window cleaning will be different for cleaning toilets, you get my point, right?  


So get your cleaning items ready so your clients will also know you are serious about your business anytime you arrive their premises for work.            







Many people just want to become big overnight but please don’t be like that.  


This information about starting small is very important.


Don't pump money into something you have not tested. Start small and when you see huge signs of success, you can scale up. So again friend, I say start small!    







This is the lifeblood of your business. Focus on client acquisition. This is very important.      



How to do this is to be ready to leave your comfort zone. This may sound strange right? I want to tell you that this is not a business you do with laxity if you want to succeed. You must leave your comfort zone and get active.      



Go out there and look for clients, dress impressively, step out with your business card and flier, walk into your target organization and ask to speak with the manager! Yes, ask to speak with the head of the place.    



Be bold, be confident, but be courteous and respectful. You may get rejected, but don't let it get under your skin or affect your drive, if you stop because someone rejected your cleaning proposal, it means no gain for you.        


You can also make post about your cleaning services business on your social media accounts, your Facebook friends can see it and engage you.        


Basically this is to put your business in the faces of people and have your brand somewhere in their heads so that when cleaning service comes up, you will be remembered.          






Now you have everything set up and have made contacts for jobs and have land your first job.   What do you do to present yourself as a serious business owner?  


I will advise you to hire extra hands. They are many unemployed young persons in every town who you can get to work with you for a small fee.  



Don't go cleaning an office space by yourself. That'll be ridiculous and presents you as a one man business.  



Get workers and supervise them. You can hire them on contract basis per job.



When you start getting steady jobs, they can be working with you full time.        



I must stress that it is very important to get honest and hardworking people.



Don't get people who will go and steal something and bring your name and brand to disrepute.  


Train them on what you want your business to stand and be known for and get them to represent that value of honesty and integrity.        



If your first job is a big one or you have some funds to spare, you can print your logo on T-shirts and have them wear it over jeans trousers.  



But if you are on a tight budget and can’t afford to print shirts, just keep it simple.   Any fine t-shirt and pair of jeans will do.  



Make sure to do your cleaning work very well, infact go beyond the limit of what your client may be expecting you to do and watch them keep patronizing your service.  



My mentor always tells me that one way to keep your customers and even have them introduce you to other businesses is to always over deliver. Make sure to do a stand out job; don’t be like many other mediocre cleaning services out there.        



For example, if you specialize in cleaning restrooms? Buy a few rolls of toilet wipes and put it in the toilets after you are done cleaning.  


Also get a air freshener with nice-smelling fragrance and spray it when you done,this can help to make a place come alive.  



Just go the extra mile and I promise you {{firstname}}, you will never run out of business.            






Yes, these business thrives a lot on referrals. After you do a good job and your client is impressed, ask them for a referral, it could be their friend, neighbor, relation or fellow business.  



Tell them to spread word about your business, you may be shocked that you will land a even bigger job from the recommendation of a satisfied customer.  






What I mean is you should try to focus on getting repeat jobs and not just a one-off deal. When you do a job for a client and he/she is satisfied, try to talk them into retaining your services on a weekly, monthly or bi-annual basis.  


With this, you will always have work and be sure of a monthly income.    






Make it a habit of keeping records of your past jobs, take pictures of BEFORE and AFTER of environments, premises or places you go to clean.  


These pictures and records will help to make your future marketing easier as you have proofs to show your potential customers of jobs you have done before.


This can help you to talk less before landing the jobs.   You can even ask your potential prospects to call your past customers and ask of the quality of your work.      






A part payment upfront is ideal. Some clients are EVIL, sorry to say.


So friend you need to be smart.


Always request for part payment before you start work, if a client is not willing to pay part payment or giving you frivolous excuse, use your number 6 and be careful with such a client.    








As you can read from all the information above that I have shared with you, a cleaning services business needs products such as:  



  • Liquid soap
  • Toilet wash
  • Hand wash
  • Germicide
  • Air freshener
  • Stain Removal
  • Bleach
  • Insecticide and fumigation product
  • Tiles Cleaner      



Now friend, do you know you can’t run a cleaning business without the products above, you just have to buy them for this service.  



But now imagine that you acquire the right skills to produce all these and even more, don’t you think you will be making more profit per job you handle when you don’t have to buy from someone else?  




Of course YES you will, that is not in doubt.




That is what my Do It Yourself Empowerment Training offers you.  


26 different fast selling products you can easily start producing today even if you have never worked with chemicals before.    



These 26 products production instructions are packaged inside a 134 pages training manual.    


I will also give you 16 productions videos to help you get started immediately.  


I believe you can watch me produce and package and also do same?  


To make your learning seamless and without mistakes, I will add you to my special group for paid students where you will learn so much and see over 200 students of mine producing quality products, this is one group you don’t want to miss out from.  


The positive energy is simply amazing


I have many students who never knew about chemicals but are now producing happily and you won’t be an exception.    




All these will cost you only 5000 naira investment.    



Pay your 5000naira training and mentoring fee to:      



Grace Oge Uke





Once you pay, send your payment proof/screenshot to Whatsapp number 09054033156    


You will receive your training manual, bonus videos and be added to the special group immediately you pay.    




So friend, there you go, we have come to the end of my message to you on how you can start your own cleaning services business and be banking cool money on a weekly and monthly basis.  


If you are serious, focused and committed, you can be cashing millions within a short time.    



You can also be rest assured of my own support to help you succeed.



I can go all out to help an action taker.      


 I honestly hope you have been enlightened by my message.



Take action and see how it goes for the next three months.  



You can still end 2019 better than you started it, the choice is all yours.      




Like I said, the DIY training guide is a 134 pages PDF document containing the best and most unique practical production formulas on producing 26 different fast selling products.


The guide is divided into 3 modules and contains:


  • chemical knowledge
  • safety rules
  • required production items
  • step by step production instructions with chemical quantities and prices (your production can't go wrong with these steps)
  • and also 13 high impact marketing strategies to help you sell more than your competitors.
  • You will receive a free report with addresses of chemical sellers in Nigeria
  • You will also receive another free report on organic product mixing, skin lightening and body enhancement
  • My special group for paid students is where you wanna be, I can't place a value of what you will learn in here as you interact with persons who are already producing quality products.



The Products inside the Trainig Manual Include:

  • After Shave Lotion
  • Bar Soap
  • Body Wash
  • Antiseptic Body Wash
  • Body Oil
  • Bleach and Scrubbing Powder Production
  • Cold Water Starch with Antisol
  • Cold Water Starch with Cassava
  • Disinfectant (Dettol)
  • Disinfectant (Izal)
  • Body Spray and Perfume
  • Hair Cream
  • Hand Wash
  • Nail Polish
  • Transparent Liquid Soap
  • Non Transparent Liquid Soap
  • Insecticide
  • Toilet Wash
  • Tiles Cleaner
  • Spray Starch 
  • Hair Shampoo
  • Hair Conditioner
  • Organic Lip Cream
  • Vaseline
  • Powder Detergent
  • Mixing of African Black Soap for smooth skin 

So grab this opportunity and invest in this guide and enjoy my full support to ask all your questions and receive answers.




This is the best 5000 naira investment you will ever make.



Trust me when i say the price will go up, I am happy from all the testimonies I receive daily from those who have taken action and want to receive yours too.  




  You can also pay online using PAYSTACK



Find link below https://paystack.com/pay/4gghlyn7cv


Until I come your way again,


I still remain sincerely yours

Grace Oge Uke

Your No.1 DIY Advocate  


PPS: You are welcome to ask me your questions related to production and all about this training, let’s get chatting friend,  








I want you to ask yourself this critical question..


Every day, you spend your money patronising different business but is anyone patronising you?


What thing of value are you giving to people so you can get paid too?





To your success this 2019 and beyond,  




Your No.1 DIY Advocate,


Grace Oge Uke

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