Hello friend,  


How are you doing, hope you are fine and your endeavors are all on track?  


I wanna share with you a little idea today; how I got a small supply 2 weeks ago and how you can do same as long they are people living around your environment wherever you are in Nigeria.  


You see most times making money is not as difficult as we make it seems, we like to complicate it but making money primarily has to do with having an idea and taking action on it.


But sometimes, we may have the idea but fail to act on it and a wise man says the only way for something to work is to try it.


If you don’t try something, how will you ever know if it will work?  



So here is something I did 2 weeks ago, there is this Mama Put restaurant along the way to my house and whenever I pass by, I always see customers eating at the place, I think the woman has been operating there for over 2 years now.



I did this to prove to myself despite I make bigger supplies how anyone including you can start small and be making little cash on a daily or weekly basis depending on how hard and smart you are willing to put in the efforts.



First and foremost, I decided to patronize her food, I went to buy fried rice there and generally discuss with her and got familiar. 2 days after I made her an offer.


10 liters gallon of transparent liquid soap which can serve perfectly as hand wash (make sure you use fruity perfume in your hand wash) and 1 FREE bottle of 500ml.


See image below:  


Can you see how clear and transparent the hand wash is, can you see the straw inside


 Here is the angle I got her, she was actually using morning fresh for her customers and I know 1 liter of transparent morning fresh sells for 550naira.



By the time she buys 10 liters, she would have spent 550 X 10 = 5500 Naira.  



So I offer her 10 liters of good quality, transparent, foaming and scenting well hand wash for 2500 naira including the FREE 500ml bottle.


I still added that she can use the soap for up to a week before paying me, I encouraged her to put it to test as she kept insisting she prefers morning fresh.  



Long and short is the woman is now my customer, she is happy with my product and has told me she will need another 10 liters soon.


She also wants to buy 2 more bottles so she can put them on different tables.  


I will make some little cash whenever I supply her as I do my other customers.  



So how much was my production cost and profit in this transaction?  



I bought my texapon, SLS, salt, perfume and color all for 1100 naira, my 10 liters gallon for 300 naira and my 500ml bottle for 150 naira.

All amounts to 1550 naira.


So on my first supply to her I made 950 naira profit but I will make more on my next as I won’t give her a free bottle again.


She rather wants to buy now.  


Then I have told her I will be refilling the gallon for her anytime the soap finishes, she wanted to hesitate but I promised her I will be filling the gallon to the brim for her.  


What does this tell you?  


It means on my next supply to her, I will spend only 1100 naira on chemicals, supply at 2500 naira and make 1400 naira profit.  


I don’t know your financial strength so this amount be seems little or much to you but I must tell you business is a game of numbers.


If you can shun excuses, procrastination and laziness and go out to look for customers, you may have 3 -5 restaurants that you can be supplying to, then this 950 and 1400 will be in several places.


Before you know it, you will be catering to little expenses by yourself with ease.  



I don’t mean to demean anyone but everyday I see people who say they don’t have data to watch video.  


If you can put my own experience with this woman to work, will buying data be an issue to you?  



And it doesn’t have to be a restaurant only, there are also bars where they sell pepper soup, nkwobi , goat head and the rest.


People need to wash their hands before eating and if you can make good quality handwash, transparent, foaming and scenting well.


Trust me, all this small money won’t be your problem again.



AND take note that it is small money that brings big money.  



To round up today, I have already shared a free video on transparent soap which serves perfectly as hand wash.


Go now and watch it and start producing, even if you can’t sell now, put the knowledge into practice and see the outcome, after all you also need hand wash to keep your own hands clean.


I wait to hear your success story!! 



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Invest now to get your guide and receive 13 bonus videos before the price goes up.


Watch FREE video on hand wash production below.







I want you to ask yourself this critical question..


Every day, you spend your money patronising different business but is anyone patronising you?


What thing of value are you giving to people so you can get paid too?





To your success this 2019 and beyond,  




Your No.1 DIY Advocate,


Grace Oge Uke

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